Antal International is a multinational headhunting company with more than 130 offices in 35 countries.Life Science, Chemical and Food is a team specialized in profiles with scientific and engineering background in Manufacturing, Production, Engineering, SCM, Research and Development, Medical, Quality and technical-commercial in Pharma, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biotech, Chemical, Cosmetic, Medical, Plastic & Rubber and Food sectors.THE COMPANY Multinational chemical companyTHE ROLEHSE SAFETY SPECIALIST – MILANPOSITION PURPOSE:Support the HSE Manager in the coordination of all activities involving the prevention, protection of health, safety and environment in the workplace within the plant and outside, in accordance with current legislation and company directivesKey AccountabilitiesThe position holder is placed inside the plant and collaborates with the heads of the various departments in the plant according to the HSE Manager guidelines.In particular, the holder of the position serves as the Prevention and Protection Service (HSE / Safety Specialist) of the plant, supporting the HSE Manager, according to the legal prescriptions in the following tasks:a) identification of risk factors, risk assessment and identification of protective and preventive measures for the safety and health in the workplace, in accordance with current legislation on the basis of specific knowledge of the business organization;b) elaborate, to the extent applicable, preventive and protective measures and the control systems of these measures;c) formulating procedures / safe operating instructions for the various business activities;d) propose programs of information and training of workers;e) take part in consultations concerning the protection of health and safety at work, as well as the regular HSE meetings;f) provide the HSE information to the workers according to legal prescriptions.The holder of the position must also support the HSE Manager to ensure compliance to environmental regulations, supervise the environmental performance of the plant.The most critical aspects of the job are represented by:• management skills, interpersonal relationships;• In-depth knowledge of the issues relating to health, safety and the environment;• analytical and organizational skills;• knowledge of the Microsoft Office for requests and managing assistance.• high responsibility.Key Challenges:a) Supports the HSE Manager in the identification of risk factors present in the workplace, and processes, including interfacing with consultants and experts, the risk assessment document, in compliance with current legislation and company procedures;b) Supports the HSE Manager to establish, in consultation with the Management and the Heads of Department emergency response plans and improving interfacing with the heads of departments, with experts and consultants in order to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation in force and the improvement of places of work from the point of view of health, safety and environment;c) Supports the HSE Manager to establish, in consultation with the Management and Department Managers emergency response plans and improving interfacing with the heads of departments, with experts and consultants in order to ensure compliance with mandatory legislation and improving of the workplace in terms of health, safety and environment;d) Supports the HSE Manager in promoting training programs and staff training on issues of safety and environment;e) Promotes awareness of the rules relating to safety by the managers of the various departments and offices;f) Collaborates with the institution of HSE website disclosure of corporate procedures;g) Supports the HSE Manager for the purpose of devising and adopting PPE with respect to the risks of the various assigned tasks;h) Performs internal audits (tier 1 etc.) and all supervisory activities necessary to the full respect of the measures provided for prevention, protection and safety in order to ensure compliance with mandatory legislation and corporate procedures in force, issuing any non-compliance in order to implement the continuous improvement;i) Monitors and controls the management of the improvement actions required downstream of non-conformity issued, in collaboration with the institution of site HSE;j) Supports the HSE Manager in drafting and update, in consultation with the Head of Emergencies and the central HSE organization, the Emergency Plan and Evacuation and First Aid, in accordance with company procedures;k) Interfaces with the Department Heads and the Purchasing Department to ensure compliance with rules relating to safety, for the Verification of professional technical contractors, in accordance with company procedures;l) Supports the HSE Manager in coordination between the managers of external companies and professionals present in mobile construction sites in order to ensure the coordination of activities in compliance with the mandatory safety and environmentm) Carries out risk assessments (JSA) for specific maintenance activities releasing, in consultation with the heads of the work permits Area with the relevant certificates necessary to perform those same tasks, in accordance with company procedures (MCF Procedures);n) Perform auditing, analysis and reporting of safety and environmental performance of the business;o) In collaboration with the HSE Manager interfaces and compares with the Safety Unions Representatives in the health, safety and the environment, recording and reporting to management the set regular meetings;p) Participates in the implementation of programs of the new procedures issued by the Parent;a) Supports the HSE Manager in registering HSE events (near misses, accidents, injuries), in accordance with company procedures on group database.r) Collaborate with the maintenance department for HSE maintenance requirements;s) Join the promotion and programming of the following corporate programs:•BS• Lopct) Monitoring of the PTW (work permits) procedure u) Collaborate in performing Safety Induction for new recruitment;v) collaborates with the security service for the entry of visitors, contractors and emergency management;w) Supports HSE Manager in preparing all the legal environmental statement and/or reports;x) Collaborates in carrying out Safety Briefing for business visits.Communication and Working Relationship (Internal/External):External – HSE Authority, HSE advice and external suppliersInside – All functions.Qualifications & Education:In order to fill the role, you must be in possession of:• a degree not lower than the upper secondary education• Legal HSE certification – where required by the law (e.g. a certificate of attendance, with verification, specific training courses appropriate to the nature of the risks present in the workplace and related to work activities, Modules A and B)Skills/Experience/Knowledge:• Minimum 3 years of experience in the HSE field• Knowledge of HSE Management Systems, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO14001:2015.• oral communication skills and excellent management of interpersonal relationships• excellent analytical capacity• strong attitude in leadership, communication, focus and teamwork• Knowledge of English language• It has a strong ethical framework, enabling efficient and effective decision making• Must possess creativity, energy, reliability and organization to successfully manage multiple priorities• Strong interpersonal skills and proven to work well in teams.Please send your CV to lifescienceitaly@antal.comRIF: HSE SAFETY SPECIALIST – MILAN miojob-internal-cv


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